The Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division Art Exhibition Global Citizens IV cannot be held successfully without the full support rendered by the DBS School Committee, Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation Limited, Mr. Ronnie Cheng, the Headmaster, and Ms. Phyllis Lo, the Headteacher. We would like to extend our gratitude to the following parents & friends of DBS for their generous sponsorships:


Immersive Virtual Reality Learning Environment* Donor :

Alice Hung


DBSPD Pepper Robot Art Ambassador Donors :

Isabel and Patrick Huen


Exhibition AR Game and AR Effects on Selected Artworks Donor :



Students' Artwork Support Programme 2018-19 Donors :

Michelle and Tony Chan

Elleen and Vito Chan

Isabel and Patrick Huen

Michelle and Julian Hui

Crystal and David Lee

Yvonne and Martin Ma

Patricia and Bernard Man

Joann and Max Wu

Jean and Francis Yeung


Exhibition Souvenirs Sponsors:

Janis and Adrain Chan

Joanne and Byrant Chan

Bonita and Stephan Chan

Joanna and Patrick Cheung

Angela and Terry Pan


Shuttle Bus Service Sponsors:

Emilie and Andy Cheng

Polly and Lincoln Yung


Art Ambassador Refreshment Sponsor :

Jack Leung


Donors are listed in alphabetical order ( by surname )





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